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Lalovich Real Estate is a commercial real estate team who is ready, willing and able to look after all of your commercial real estate needs in the Windsor-Essex County market.

To aid in their success, we create and manage a variety of their social media content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger. Standard MLS listings are given a copywriter’s treatment, accompanied by engaging graphics to direct traffic to the Lalovich website. Supplementing regular real estate listings, we have fun working with Lalovich to create seasonal and event graphics to connect with their audience on a personal level.

In addition, we work with Lalovich to produce bimonthly blog content focusing on the real estate market, adding in creative headers to reflect the content and attract visitors to their blog.

Monthly supportive eblasts are sent out compiling new listings and blog content, with copy written to to be concise and engaging.

For all the latest commercial developments in Windsor-Essex, be sure to follow Lalovich Real Estate!

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Lalovich Real Estate

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