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Build A Dream 2017

Generator worked with Build A Dream to rebrand and refresh their look. Along with designing a new logo, we produced material for their 2017 event which included flyers and online content: a website and web material for their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Take a look through some of the completed work below, or visit…

Town of Tecumseh Brand Guide

We’ve enjoyed working with the Town of Tecumseh for over 15 years. One of Generator’s earlier projects was developing a brand identity for the city, highlighting Tecumseh for whom the town is named after. We created a logo incorporating his portrait, the town’s lakeside aesthetic, and agricultural production. We’ve since revisited the crest design as well as developed a…

Welcome Centre Logos

The Welcome Centre Shelter for Women aims to provide safe housing for every woman and family every night; no exceptions. We’ve worked with the Centre to develop their core identity and several supporting campaign logos.  Their corporate logo represents a butterfly rising from a well; an icon which has great meaning and deep history for the organization….

Cavalier Tool Logo

This bold logo was developed for Cavalier Tool.  The icon represents a medieval cavalier shield, while the “C” shows a forward progressive motion from the shield.  Blue represents strength and stability; cornerstones of Cavalier Tool brand.