Project Description

Our longtime client, Kinetic Konnection, required order forms as part of their “Lunch & Learn” campaign. We worked to design and print a set of custom informational order forms with the Kinetic Konnection brand. These printed sheets are designed to facilitate the referral process between Doctors and Kinetic Konnection. The “Lunch & Learn” campaign begins with these forms sent out to Doctors’ offices. Doctors are then able to fill in the sheets to request information on a variety of topics, submit them to Kinetic Konnection, and then have a Kinetic Konnection team member visit them over lunch to provide information on their topics of interest. This face-to-face opportunity imparts the Doctors with the knowledge to diagnose and treat patients requiring orthotics, and strengthens the relationships of future patient referrals to Kinetic Konnection.


Project Details



Kinetic Konnection